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                      After-sales Service
                                                                               IRON TOWER RUBBER                                                                                                                                     

                 ★ Service tenet: quality first, service paramountcy.
                 ★ The company has professional technical service department.
                 ★ To provide users with stable quality, reasonable price, service satisfaction with the products.
                 ★ Providing customers with "product catalogue" information on technology, quality and price.
                 ★ To provide customers with technical advice, the user scientifically, reasonably choose to use conditions,

                      using the environment, task specification, type of product.
                 ★ Accept the user calls, letter, visit, and puts forward the processing of customer satisfaction.
                 ★ Provide conveyor belt installation, joint technical services to the customers.
                 ★ Provide the customers with the joint materials and cementing technology and provide the joint staff professional.


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