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        Rubbber Sheet






        Rubber Sheet


        Rubber Sheet for industrial use, referred to as the "industrial rubber sheet", "sheet" or "rubber sheet".

        Industrial rubber sheet, widely used in chemical, machinery, electronics, construction and other industries. Our company mainly produces the following types of rubber plate,


        Ordinary rubber sheet

        Performance: with moderate pressure, temperature -30~70, waterproof, seismic, sealing and other work performance.

        Purpose: According to requirements of the technical parameters of the product can be used for a variety of sealing and buffering rubber ring, rubber pad, a sealing piece and a ground laying, decoration, and so on.


        Wrapped Cloth rubber sheet, embossed rubber sheet

        Performance: with moderate pressure, strong tensile strength, deformation is small.

        Application: punching seal, ring, used as light conveyor belt, the strong requirements of higher environment,

        Color: according to customer requirements and set,

        All can produce a side for light wool sandwich rubber sheet, fabric surface, two sides smooth, two fabric surface.


        Oil resistant rubber sheet

        Product use: used in punch all kinds of resistance to oil, oil seal, seal, circle contact with grease class workbench, the laid of the ground, the electronic product place.

        Special specifications and special technical requirements of products, according to customer needs, the formula design for you, meet your requirements.

        Product performance: in the oil (oil, diesel oil, petrol, lubricating oil) media work, swelling sealing and antioxidants.

        In addition, according to customer's actual demand can be customized production.


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