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        Falt Transmission Conveyor Belt




         IRON TOWER RUBBER      

        Flat Transmission belt

        The product is used for transmission of mechanical power tape, rubber and reinforcing materials such as cotton canvas, rayon, synthetic fiber or steel wire, etc.

        In multilayer hanging plastic canvas, synthetic fabrics, cord and steel wire tensile layer, combined with rubber after forming, sulfide and made.

        Compared with the gear transmission, chain drive, belt transmission has a simple structure, low noise and low equipment cost advantages, widely used in all kinds of mechanical power transmission.

        Varieties of belt can be divided into: open mouth and endless type.

        Our company can produce the width of 25-500 mm, canvas for 3-12 layer, length 110 meters or less.

        Execution standard: CN-GB/T 524-2007 The other can be customized production according to customer's requirements.





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