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        IRON TOWER RUBBER                  IRON TOWER RUBBER   

                                                                    General V-belt                                                                  Automotive V-belt

        General V-belt

        This product is cross section is trapezoidal annular tape, its tensile body uses polyester cord or cord fabric, the product has high strength, low elongation, long mission, dimension stability, resistance to bending, fatigue resistance and other excellent properties. Applicable to power transmission, general physical and mechanical properties conform to the standard GB/T1171-2006. Tape during transportation and storage, should maintain clean, with acid, alkali, oil, organic solvent, affecting the quality of rubber material such as contact and distance heating device 1 meters away. Storage tape should be neat and specification, different brand, new and old mixed belt is unfavorable and group use, when using tension should be appropriate.


        Automotive V belt

        Automotive V belt can be divided into cut-edged type V belt and wrapped fabric type automotive V belt. Cut-edged type V belt is to choose high quality materials at home and abroad, through multi-channel process.

        Our company's cut-edged type V belt production line, is the introduction of German production equipment and technology, has the world advanced level. Product quality reach the German DIN standards and national standards, the size in line with the GB/T13352-1996, performance in line with the GB / 12732-1996. Widely used in car, truck, motorcycle, power transfer to refrigeration and air conditioning and precision of the machine.

        Strong wrapped fabric type automotive V belt adopts the new national standard production, mainly used in automobiles, tractors, power transfer to fan, water pump, etc. Bearing capacity, stable size, small elongation, high transmission efficiency, heat resistant, resistant to flexible performance, long service life.

        In addition, our company also produces car PK type ribbed belt , the models are 3 PK---12 PK.


        Structure diameter of General V-belt




        Structure diameter of Automotive V-belt



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