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        Vacuum Filtration Belt


        Vacuum Filtration Belt

        Rubber filter belt (Vacuum Filtration Belt), is a key component of DU horizontal belt vacuum filter, vacuum belt pulp washing machine. Surface of the belt body is a row of transverse groove, has one or more rows and rows of liquid hole, drain hole segments can be the pure structural adhesive, the belt body skeleton layer adopts high strength polyester canvas or polyester canvas. Also the belt cover layer with rubber which can be needs of different formulations are adopted according to the working conditions, acid and alkali resistant, heat resistant, oil resistant, cold resistant, tape molding and curing by an overall composite technology, to ensure that the belt body of the formation and properties of stability.


        Alkali resistant filter belt

        For contact with the acid-base working environment, such as, phosphate, alumina catalyst (4A, fluorspar) etc.. Belt cover rubber blends and fill it with acid and alkali resistant inert medium, a chloroprene rubber resistant acid-base properties superior, skeleton material with high tenacity polyester canvas, than cotton canvas acid and alkali resistance, drainage hole parts with natural rubber, effectively blocking the acid and alkali the skeleton layer of corrosion, filter belt strips can greatly increase the service life.


        High Temperature Resistant Filter Belt

        Mainly used for filtering high-temperature material, resistant temperature between 800 to 1050 . Cover Layer with heat resistance and aging resistance performance is superior to that of ternary ethylene propylene rubber material,skeleton layer by high tenacity polyester canvas, cover rubber and the skeleton layer can be laying the heat-resisting glass cloth,drainage hole section of the pure rubber structure, effectively block high temperature filtrate and the influence of skeleton material, filter belt with make life significantly improved.


        Oil Resistant Filter Belt

        Applicable to the filtration of various oil materials and bad environment. Cover layer with nitrile rubber with high acrylonitrile content, the skeleton layer using high strength polyester canvas. With the deformation, high strength, low rate of change, the use of a wide range of advantages.


        Cold Resistant Filter Belt

        The working environment of temperature between -400to 700. The skeleton layer adopts polyester canvas, plastic cover with natural rubber and butadiene rubber, and has the characteristics of high elasticity, impact resistance, tolerance to cold.


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