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        Chevron Conveyor Belt


        Chevron conveyor belt

        According to conveyor belt conveyor pattern types are divided into: herringbone pattern, U-shape pattern, cylindrical pattern, segmented V-shaped pattern conveyor belt. Patterned conveyor belt at 0-30 transmission angle to solve the bulk material handling process due to the increase of the material down dip of the problem, using the type and height of the pattern is different, according to the actual needs of the design.


        Application and Feature


        Application: It is suitable for conveying powder, granular or lump materials whose dip angle is smaller than or equal to 40°,or conveying packaged materials.


        Feature: Its surface is processed with chevron ribs higher than the belt body, wherein the ribs can be open or enclosed, and each rib comprises a high type, a medium type and a low type.


        Type: According to cover physical property, there are different kinds of chevron conveyor belt. There are common , heat resistant, cold resistant ,acid and alkali-resistant , oil- resistant belt.


        Technical Index






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